Chris and Kyle Long: A Football Family | R2C2…

Chris and Kyle Long: A Football Family | R2C2 x Green Light Podcast Crossover – Full Episode

Joining CC and Ryan are two brothers who enjoyed great careers in the NFL following the legacy built by their father Howie and continue to be successful in everything they do, Chris and Kyle Long. The two reflect on how they seamlessly transitioned into the media space covering football analysis, launching the Green Light podcast, and how their contrasting personalities allow them to play off each other. The crew also dives into their passion for golf, reflect on the NBA playoffs, how the modern athlete has evolved, and the journey behind cultivating their love for football into fulfilling a dream. Chris and Kyle’s inside perspective on their father Howie’s influence details how the Long family has been able to have such an incredible impact on the game and why they remain connected to it all these years.

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