Barry Bonds’ Love For Baseball, The Art of Hitting,…

Barry Bonds’ Love For Baseball, The Art of Hitting, and a Forever Legacy | R2C2 – Full Episode

This guest needs no introduction. A rare interviewee and one of the, if not, the greatest baseball player of all time joins R2C2, Barry Bonds. A 14x All-Star, 7x NL MVP, 8x Gold Glover, 12x Silver Slugger, 3x Hank Aaron award winner, 2x NL batting champion, all-time home run record holder (762), single season home run record holder (73), and so much more. Barry breaks down the evolution of his hitting technique, game day routine, his era vs. today’s generation, living out his baseball dream, and the role of analytics in the sport. He also details the business of the clubhouse, facing CC at the 2004 All-Star game, and the toughest pitchers he ever faced. A true historian of the game, Barry breaks his silence to share his rare perspective with CC and Ryan in the latest episode.

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